RUIZ-GÁLVEZ ABOGADOS, S.L.P. is widely recognised in Spain as a law Firm that is highly specialised in the carriage of passengers and goods by road, air and sea. Our team is also continuously engaged in teaching and lecturing in these Areas, giving talks and taking part in conferences and workshops.

Maritime Transport
The Firm is well prepared for the new era that is beginning with the enactment of the Shipping Act 14/2014, of 24 July, which rationalises Spanish shipping law and brings it into line with the respective international conventions in practically all respects, because one of our members, Fernando Sr., as legal adviser of the Spanish Delegation attending the meetings of the Legal Committee of IMO was present during the meetings and Assemblies in which those Conventions were approved or amended.

Activities in which we are closely involved:

  • The sale and purchase of Spanish and foreign ships.
  • Flag registration of vessels, applying for regular lines and negotiating with the shipping authorities in relation to administrative proceedings of any kind.
  • Registration, renegotiation and cancellation of mortgages and other charges.
  • Negotiating, revising and drafting ship-building contracts and advising on financing operations.
  • Negotiating, revising and drafting charter parties of any kind: time charters, voyage charters, and bareboat charters.
  • Maritime arbitration and legal proceedings under maritime law.
  • Maritime liens.
  • Claims for the death or injury to passengers.
  • Claims for damage to cargo.
  • Collisions, accidents at sea, towage and salvage operations.
  • Action to prevent and fight against marine pollution.
  • Competition Law in relation to the maritime sector.
  • Administrative sanctioning proceedings.
  • Hull & Machinery insurance and P&I Insurance.
  • Recreational sailing.

Road and air transport

RUIZ-GÁLVEZ ABOGADOS, S.L.P.’s clients include major companies in the sector: shippers, carriers and some of the most highly regarded insurance companies. We provide them with a personalised service that meets their needs and is designed to produce the best possible solutions for the matters they raise with us.

Matters we deal with:

  • Freight claims.
  • Claims for damage to passengers and/or goods.
  • Advice in relation to logistics.
  • Insurance cover.
  • Drafting and review of contracts between different transport agents.
  • Liability of shipping agents, stevedores and other agents.
  • Limitation of liability.


Our close relationship with the insurance sector has allowed us to acquire extensive knowledge of the industry and its particular characteristics. Geared towards “Large risks”, we work primarily with the most important insurers and companies – Spanish and international – that operate in Spain.

Specific activities:

  • Advice at the time an insurance contract is signed

  • Analysis of cover

  • Drafting special clauses

  • Handling and processing claims

  • Recovery


The firm has always specialised in Transport Insurance and Marine Insurance. However, without neglecting these areas, in the last two decades our work has extended beyond them. We now devote much of our time to providing advice, management and defence of the various types of civil liability that can arise from a company’s business:

  • civil liability insurance for the construction industry,

  • civil liability insurance for medical practitioners,

  • product liability insurance

  • civil liability insurance for businesses that provide services

  • financial liability insurance for public administrations and, in general, any kind of contractual liability, public or private.





Our attorneys have extensive experience in the sphere of civil liability insurance and insurance for damages, and are well acquainted with the problems that can arise in relation to claims, both during negotiation between the injured party and an insurance company, and when a case goes to court.

Areas of civil liability we work in:

  • Civil liability in criminal cases.

  • Contractual civil liability.

  • Tort civil liability.

  • Product civil liability.

  • Professional civil liability.

  • Civil liability arising from industrial accidents.

  • Liability of Public Administrations.


Our clear focus on serving businesses means that we offer a wide range of legal services related with company Law. Our partners not only advise on matters in our traditional areas of expertise, but also provide services within companies themselves, such as acting as secretaries to the Boards of Directors and General Meetings of leading Spanish and international companies in the insurance and shipping sectors, and as legal advisors.

Our association with the GUILLEN BECARES law firm extends the scope of our services to the area of Employment and Tax Law. This means we can offer multidisciplinary advice – mercantile, employment and tax related – on commercial and corporate matters in the broadest sense of the term, including analysis of proposed mergers and for taking control of companies by participating in preliminary “due diligence” work and scrutiny of these corporate operations.

Eventually, we would like to underline that with the incorporation of the responsible lawyer of our office in Barcelona, a reputable professional with a long lasting and successful career in Barcelona, our Firm has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of Insolvency Law, Company and Commercial law and Civil Law, strengthening our services and capabilities in these fields.



To complement our areas of specialisation, and for the purposes of their practical application, our attorneys have extensive knowledge of Spanish legal procedure, and broad experience in handling legal proceedings of all kinds:

  • Civil

  • Mercantile

  • Criminal

  • Administrativos

  • Contencioso-administrativos

Ofreciendo una asistencia integral a sus clientes en:

  • Negociación previa extrajudicial

  • Reclamaciones administrativas

  • Conciliaciones

  • Administrative

  • Contentious-administrative

Offering our clients comprehensive assistance in:

  • Preliminary out-of-court negotiation

  • Administrative claims

  • Conciliation proceedings

  • Court proceedings

  • Arbitration proceedings

  • Proceedings under voluntary jurisdiction

And representing the client at all stages of the proceedings concerned and in any subsequent appeals.

We offer the following services:

    • Assistance and advice before commencing litigation, with specific involvement in mediation, conciliation, compromise, preliminary proceedings, and initiating administrative complaints, etc.

    • Legal defence in all the phases, procedures and instances of proceedings heard by the civil, mercantile, criminal and contentious-administrative courts.

    • Assistance in court and out-of-court actions necessary to fully satisfy the interests in dispute, especially in enforcement procedure, arbitration decisions and non-judicial titles.

    • Assistance in arbitration proceedings, whether in equity or at Law.

    • Assistance in handling appeals for legal protection and complaints to the European Court of Human Rights.

Tourism and Hotel liability

At RGA, we are aware that Tourism still is today the main industry of our country, our Firm has introduced in this sector during the last decade, providing legal advice to the different players in this industry, such as Hoteliers, Tour-Operators, retailer and wholesaler Travel Agents, etc. We help them in the management of their respective liabilities, and specific day to day problems of their businesses.
At present, we cooperate with some Hotel Chains, either directly, or through their civil liability insurers, rendering the following services:

  • Risk prevention, and auto-assessment audits.

  • Draft and review of commercial and administrative type contracts.

  • Claims management.

  • Relationship, and arrangements before Local and Regional Public Administrations.

  • Relationship with the main Tour-Operators.

  • Legal advice on Corporate Law.

In addition, in our effort to provide to our clients a close, direct and personalised service, and a specialised legal advice of high quality, we have opened a new office in Malaga, the capital city of “Costa del Sol”. This office is now in service since September 2015, together with our central offices in Madrid, Valencia (2014), and Barcelona (December 2015). Our Firm is also present in Palma de Majorca, where we are associated with Smart Legal, a Law Firm managed by José Janer, a senior lawyer specialised in Tourism, who has acquired his expertise working and managing for many years the In House Legal Departments of two of the main Hotel & Resorts chains and Tour-Operators of the Balearic Islands, well known and established internationally. No doubt he is a reputable expert in this field, and we are proud to have his full cooperation and support.
Eventually, we would also like to underline that RUIZ-GÁLVEZ ABOGADOS, S.L.P., has a solid and stable network of correspondent Law Firms specialized in our fields of activity. We do not exaggerate when we say we can provide legal advice almost in everywhere of the World, with particular emphasis in the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and the United States.